The Art of Drama (MQF3)

This programme provides participants with the basic skills for theatre performance and production. The programme is aimed for both new- comers and experienced participants as it seeks to:

  • Introduce newcomers to the prerequisites, techniques and skills of Theatre Performance and Production.
  • Nurture and develop the skills of participants who are already active in the theatre scene, to give them the necessary hands-on skills as future theatre makers and practitioners.

The programme is divided into two stand-alone modules:

Module 1 – Non-formal award: Introducing the Art of Drama (Year 1)

The first Module aims to introduce participants to the basic skills and competencies in the Art of Drama through:

  • practical training sessions
  • presentations and talks
  • workshops and seminars
  • site-visits and attendances to performances
  • preparation, rehearsals and performances in which the participant is directly involved.

Module 2 – Non-formal award in the Art of Drama (Year 2)

Participants who successfully complete Module 1 will be able to read this Module during the subsequent year. This Module builds on the knowledge, skills and competencies acquired in Module 1 thus allowing participants to take up roles of greater leadership and responsibility. This Module focuses on:

Leadership, Autonomy, Mentoring, Theatre-making and Self- Assessment Skills.

The above skills are essential tools required in an active theatre career and are also transferrable skills for other places and fields of work.