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Practising Entrepreneurship Skills

This programme provides students with the knowledge of the concept of entrepreneurship. This award undertakes the process and skills that a business should involve. Students will be able to relate to business terms, be aware of the business environment and different types of business entities. After attending this course, the students will be equipped with what it entails in becoming an entrepreneur and also with important business proficiency that will help them in the world of work.

Some aims of the above module are the following:

  • To nurture an understanding of the world of work and a spirit of entrepreneurship skills.
  • To develop personal skills including working as a team, communication, decision-making, time management and creative thinking.
  • To encourage young people to think globally in their business affairs.
  • To inspire and promote the value of social responsibilities within the commercial arena.
  • To develop character through team building experiences and practice.
  • To gain an understanding of how business works particularly in marketing and sales, operations, finance quality and customer satisfaction.
  • To gain an understanding of the wealth creation process through understanding finance, understanding added value and understanding innovation.
  • To gain an understanding of corporate social responsibility through the impact of their activities on the environment, consumers, employers, communities and stakeholders.