Mind Yoga for Wellness & Achievement

Through meditation one learns how to gain control over one’s thoughts and mental processes. The course will offer two types of meditation:

  • Shamatha involves learning how to concentrate; training one’s attention to stay focused. In a world of constant distractions, practicing this skill is essential for success in academic studies.
  • Vipassana involves analysis of one’s thoughts and mental processes. Particular emphasis is placed on the questions “why am I here?” and “what do I really want?” This will help one to become clear about what one wants to accomplish in life. Knowing what one is doing and why enables one to do it much better.

The course will include opportunity for a retreat, during which students will develop the habit of meditating regularly thereby discovering something in their own minds that will inspire them to adopt meditation as a life-long process. The benefits of this for mental and physical health and happiness are documented scientifically, and today, it is accepted that meditation, if practised regularly, can bring about a significant improvement to one’s overall quality of life.

Students with diagnosed psychological conditions and/ or students on psychoactive medication are encouraged to attend. However, please inform the facilitator if meditation becomes unpleasant.

The teaching programme is supplemented by:

  • Guest speakers (if and when available)
  • Daily practice sessions
  • Live-in retreats