Education for Sustainable Development

This programme encourages students to participate in hands- on activities that will allow them to understand the importance of sustainable practices in everyday life. Activities enable students to appreciate alternative sustainable lifestyles; to gain knowledge about ecological, economic and social issues and conservation techniques. The participants will also practice active citizenship by involving themselves in voluntary work relating to the environment and society.

This course is divided into four units:

Unit 1: Appreciating Sustainability

Unit 2: Raising Sustainable Awareness

Unit 3: Active Citizenship and Social Responsibility

Unit 4: Application – Project Participation


  • Empower youths with the realisation of the need to strive for a good quality of life, based on respect and care for the community and the environment
  • Show initiative, motivation, improve leadership skills and teamwork
  • Improve skills relating to time management and project management.
  • Improve chances of employability locally and overseas
  • Explore creativity and innovation