Interactive Map

New Block

Level -1: Reference and Lending Library, Conference Room, Guidance and Counselling Unit, Lecture Rooms, Toilets

Level 0: Assistant Heads Offices, Biology Labs, Lecture Rooms, Toilets

Level 1: Graphical Design Lab, Art Room, Lecture Rooms, Staff Toilets

Level 2: Student Representative Council (SRC) Room, Computer Labs, Lecture Rooms, Toilets

Administration Block

Level 0: Office of the Head of School, Assistant Heads’ Offices, School Secretary, Clerks' Office, Guidance & Counselling Office, Hall, Foyer, French Room, Geography Room, Lecture Rooms, Toilets

Level 1: Assistant Head’s Office, Lecture Rooms, Audiovisual (AV) Room, Chaplain's Office, Staff Rooms, Staff Toilets

Lecture Block

Level 0: Assistant Head's Office, Physics Labs, Chemistry Labs, Home Economics Lab, Italian Room, Spanish Room, Lecture Rooms, Toilets

Level 1: Staff Rooms, Lecture Rooms, Toilets

Level 2:
Art Room, Computer Labs, German Room, Lecture Rooms, Toilets

Belveder Block

Level 1: Assistant Heads’ Offices, Lecture Rooms, Staff Room

Level 2: Youth Hub, Lecture Rooms

Canteen Area

Canteen, Stationery

SOK Block

SOK Project Room, Staff Rooms, Chapel