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Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council, better known by the acronym SRC, represents the students’ interests in any matter which is of concern to them. The council’s primary goal is to provide students with opportunities to participate in the school’s management while advocating for higher standards of school services. Another aim of SRC is to enable students at GCHSS to become responsible leaders in the community and to instil in them a sense of active citizenship. The students’ council offers assistance to minority and vulnerable groups while emphasising the importance of equality and accessibility. As a democratic unit within GCHSS, the SRC strives to eliminate any form of inequality, negative discrimination or injustices on the students.

The SRC facilitates communication between students, staff and the administration of GCHSS by providing an accessible platform for open discussions between the parties concerned. All decisions taken within the council are geared to strengthen the school values, enrich the student experience within the school and promote a holistic approach to education. The SRC believes that GCHSS and its students have the potential to play an even greater role in society and it works hard to ensure that this is recognised on a national level.

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