Drama Troupe

GCHSS Drama Troupe was set up in 2006 to serve as a platform to explore, develop and organise theatre and performance activities within a safe and supportive environment. It aims to produce activities which vary from the Christmas Concert to The Drama Day, The Graduation Ceremony and Infuze – The GCHSS Soirée. As from 2019, GCHSS Drama Troupe saw its collective collaboration as a first-ever school event Infuze – The Infusion of Arts.

The last edition of Infuze was held on the 24th and 25th of January 2020 and had the underlying motive of encouraging talented and enthusiastic students to pull up their forces into Art and Photography exhibitions, Art Installations, Live music and the Musical ‘Rock the Rhapsody’ in one specific space. In line with the school ethos of providing a holistic education to students, Infuze provides an added value educational experience that attains educational goals and objectives through formal and non-formal learning. Last year’s Drama production ‘In Oblivion’ was held in a theatre in the round format in the school hall. This production formed part of the Art of Drama (MQF level 3) course offered at GCHSS.