Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour and the mind. It observes and attempts to provide an explanation of the various ways individuals think and act in specific situations. Psychology is applied in various fields such as health, law, management, education, family and sport.

The subject can serve as a preparation for the undergraduate study of Psychology or a complement to other fields of study by offering an in-depth perspective of human behaviour. It is also an opportunity for students to understand and reflect upon their own behaviour and that of others.

Special Considerations

A good command of English Language is required

Recommended Textbooks

Simply Psychology; Michael Eysench; ISBN 97811386963

The teaching programme is supplemented by:

  • Talks by guest speakers such as different psychologists
  • Visit to the University of Malta
  • Seminars

Further Studies / Career Opportunities

  • University of Malta/Foreign university
  • Careers in psychology in different areas such as clinical psychology, counselling education, forensic and sport psychology, among others

You can study Psychology at:

Intermediate Level


No previous knowledge is required


2 years


3 lessons per week

Practical / Tutorial Sessions