Classical Studies

Classical Studies offers prospective university students an enjoyable and solid body of knowledge on the classical world, its civilizations and languages. It introduces the students to Ancient Greek and Latin grammar and literature. It also gives them a sound insight into different aspects of theĀ Greek and Roman cultures such as history, mythology, drama, philosophy, paintings, sculpture and architecture. Moreover, it serves as a preparatory course for prospective Classics students and gives students of the Faculties of Arts, Theology, Medicine and Law, fundamental knowledge and skills that they will find invaluable for their future studies which make good use of both GreekĀ and Latin.

The teaching programme is supplemented by:

  • Talks by guest speakers
  • Visits related to the subject matter covered in the syllabus

Recommended Textbooks

Students will be informed at the start of the course.

Further Studies / Career Opportunities

University of Malta

You can study Classical Studies at:

Intermediate Level


No previous knowledge is required


2 years


3 lessons per week

Practical / Tutorial Sessions