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Classical Studies

What will I learn in Classical Studies?

In Classical Studies, you shall get an enjoyable foretaste of the whole classical world, gaining a lot of knowledge on the outstanding civilizations of Ancient Greece and Rome.  This will surely be a very rare, if not a unique, opportunity to come across the intriguing Ancient Greek and Latin languages.  However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as doing Classical Studies shall also mean digging in many other different aspects of these heavyweight cultures, like history, mythology, literature, drama, philosophy, paintings, sculpture, and architecture.   

How will I benefit from studying Classical Studies? 

By studying Classical Studies, you shall, first and foremost, be attaining an essential understanding of our Western culture by appreciating more fully the great indebtedness that the modern world owes to Greece and Rome.  Moreover, you shall also be gaining fundamental knowledge and skills that will prove invaluable for any future studies inextricably rooted in these two civilizations. 

What textbooks and/or resources do I need?

No specific textbook has been assigned for this course.  You will be provided with study material during this course.

You can study Classical Studies at:

Intermediate Level


No previous knowledge is required


2 years


3 lessons per week

Practical / Tutorial Sessions