Students will receive a timetable in the days before the start of the scholastic year.

  • Each student has a unique timetable, based on the subjects chosen.
  • The choice of subjects is dependent on timetable constraints.
  • Each lesson is 55 minutes long. 
  • There is a maximum of seven (7) lessons every day, from 08:15 to 15:05, with a break from 11:55-12:20.

Lessons are as follows for most subjects:

Advanced Level
5/6 lessons + 1 Tutorial*

Intermediate Level
3/4 lessons* 

SEC Level
3 lessons*

8 lessons and 2 practicals for Biology (Advanced Level)
8 lessons and 2 practicals for Chemistry (Advanced Level)

* Some subjects are supplemented by practicals, orals, workshops, seminars, extra lessons and tutorials.