Medicine and Science Specialised Study Programme

GCHSS offers a one-year programme specifically designed for students who want to improve their grades in Biology and/or Chemistry in order to read for medical, healthcare and other science-oriented courses at university level. This intensive programme offers students 8 lessons in theory and 2 practical sessions in Biology and/or 8 lessons in theory and 2 practical sessions in Chemistry.

Students are also given the opportunity to study other subjects of choice at Intermediate level as may be required.  Subjects chosen at intermediate level are according to the prerequisites listed in this prospectus.

This study programme is open for students who have already completed the whole course of study for the subject/s taken at Advanced Level.

Special Considerations
1. Students following Biology at Advanced Level must already be in possession of the required coursework, appropriately certified by the institution which they previously attended. During the Biology practical sessions, students can increase/improve their Biology practical portfolio.
2. Environmental Science (Intermediate Level) cannot be taken with Advanced Biology and/or Chemistry.
3. Students are advised to check the entry requirements for the course of specialisation they intend to follow at tertiary level.