It is with great pleasure that we are launching the first online prospectus for Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School.

The restrictions we had to face during this past academic year due to the pandemic has led the PR team to rethink the way our prospectus would be presented. Moving to an online platform has been an interesting and rewarding challenge that has also resulted in the added benefit of going paperless.

We are sure that you will find this prospectus useful in making key decisions for your future. While hoping to see you on our campus in the next scholastic year, we wish you all the best on your onward journey.

PR Team:
Marvene, Alexia and Zachary


Project Development: 
Marvene Cassar, Zachary Engerer, Alexia Baldacchino


Artistic Design:
Alexia Baldacchino, 12works

Student Participants:
Shahed Abdulmagid Al Bensaid, Maria Federica Albani, Stella Baluci, Amelie Bezzina, Valentina Borg, Yan Cesare, Sara Darmanin, Gabriel Falzon, Thierry Mangion, Ester Moradei, Maria Tanti, Sachen Zammit, Yazmin Zammit

Sponsored By:
Ernst and Young Malta