Welcome Message from Head of School

On behalf of the school, we welcome all students to another productive and exciting year. We are all aware of the myriad of challenges faced during these last years. These same challenges have served as both a yardstick and a motivator. Furthermore they have given us all a moment of reflection and the opportunity to question our power of perseverance, our capacity to believe in self- improvement, the hidden talents within us which contribute to success and most important the art of recovering from the same constraints that have challenged us during these last years.


We as a staff, an institution and a community cherish your engagement, your partnership and collaboration in all endeavours of your life within these welcoming walls. We value the choices, your dedication and whatever contribution you give and will receive from the school which in the end is your second home.


With all this in mind, we thank you all students and practitioners for the patience, the time and the presence.

Once more welcome and for those returning, welcome back to Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary.

Message from the PR Team

It is with great pleasure that we are now presenting the second online prospectus for Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School.

Moving to an online platform was an interesting and rewarding challenge and following the positive feedback we received for the first digital edition, we will be pursuing this approach for the future. 

We sincerely hope that you will find this prospectus useful in making key decisions for your future.  We wish you all the best on your onward journey and look forward to seeing you on our campus in the next scholastic year.

PR Team:
Marvene, Alexia, Zachary and Ruth


Project Development: 
Marvene Cassar, Zachary Engerer, Alexia Baldacchino, Ruth Spiteri Bezzina


Artistic Design:
Alexia Baldacchino, 12works

Student Participants:
Emma Abdilla, Holly Arends Harding, Nicky Attard Portughes, Arnellapearl Baldueza, Leonees Bianco James, Amiraharoun Borg, Andrea Borg, Kimberly Borg, Maria Emma Buhagiar, Ilona D’Agostino, Denilson Menezes Da Silva, Francesca Grech, Aleksandar Manov, Faith Mercieca, Tristan Micallef, Joseph Muscat, Emilio Salvia, Nico Schiavone, Stephanie Vella. 

Sponsored By:
Ernst and Young Malta