Welcome Message from Head of School

“Our school will surely be that stable stepping stone which will help you embark on the next stage of your educational journey …”

Dear student,

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School.

This coming October, Higher will once again open its doors to students who would like to further pursue their educational journey at post-secondary level. Higher offers you a unique learning experience which is of high quality, personalised, inclusive and holistic. Our school will provide a nurturing experience, equipping you with what it takes to prepare for your tertiary education, the world of work and any other life challenges. Higher’s Mission Statement guarantees not only students’ learning entitlement but also all the necessary support to all students, to help one and all to maintain high academic standards and to achieve the set goals.

Higher is offering a number of study programmes that are in tune with the changing trends in education. Our programmes are various. We present you with the Matriculation Certificate (MC) course, which caters for students who have completed compulsory education and who have the intention to prepare for a university course. We also offer the Advanced/Intermediate/Ordinary level (AIO) course, which is a flexible programme intended to help students obtain qualifications higher than SEC level. Then, there are the Adult Learning Programmes, which enable any student over 18 years of age to pursue studies in a flexible manner. As our alumni can confirm, at Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary school, students grow holistically. Whilst being extremely proud of our 39 successful years, our school intends to keep on striving to guarantee and sustain professional and academical growth.

This Prospectus is aimed at giving you information about various aspects of the Higher Secondary School, namely admission policy, procedures, the services and facilities offered, information about the different study programmes and the subjects on offer, as well as guidance on how to apply.

During your time at Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School, the main emphasis will be on the academic aspect. However, we also offer you a range of non-formal activities for your personal enrichment. Before you make your choices, do read this Prospectus and consult our guidance services to ensure that you make an informed choice. I hope that your time at Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School will be a memorable one, during which you will grow, learn and build new friendships. Our school will surely be that stable stepping stone which will help you embark on the next stage of your educational journey. I am sure that you will make us proud, just as hundreds of other students have done in the past.

If at any time you feel you need help, remember that we are all here for you.

We wish you the very best!

Anna Spiteri Meilak

Message from the PR Team

This year, we are proud to present the GCHSS Prospectus in both printed and digital format. Our goal is to create a comprehensive guide that not only outlines the different courses and extracurricular activities offered at our school, but also gives you a glimpse into the unique culture and community that we have built here. We sincerely hope that this prospectus will help you get a better sense of what our school is all about and will ulimately help you make an informed decision about your future path.

We wish you all the best on your onward journey and look forward to seeing you on our campus in the next scholastic year.

PR Team:
Marvene, Zach, Alexia


Project Development: 
Marvene Cassar, Zachary Engerer, Alexia Baldacchino

Artistic Design:
Alexia Baldacchino

Proof Reading:
Ruth Spiteri Bezzina

Student Participants:
Skyler Cilia, Matthew Curmi, Ashleigh Laughton, Max Paget