Frequently Asked Questions

If you sit for the SEC Second (September) 2023 session, you may still register with us as a probationary student.

If you are a probationary student, this means that you do not satisfy the full entry requirements for your course.  You can register as a probationary student if you have obtained at least three (3) passes at SEC/O Level at grade 5 or better in the May 2023 session and you are going to sit for the September 2023 SEC/O Level exams session.

You can change your status from a Probationary Student to a Regular Student if you obtain the necessary SEC/O Level passes from the SEC September 2023 session to continue following your course of choice.

For the MC course (2 years), you will be studying two subjects at Advanced Level and four at Intermediate Level (including SOK). Students who have only passed two out of the three core subjects (Maltese, Mathematics and English) may still apply for the MC course and study the required subject at SEC level.

For the AIO course (2 years), you will be studying:

EITHER four (4) subjects at any level as long as at least one of them is at Advanced or Intermediate Level;

OR three (3) subjects at Advanced Level (if you want to study in a foreign university)

The IPAL course is a one year course intended to provide a customised programme. Subjects chosen are available based on time table constraints.

Yes, GCHSS will accept comparable overseas qualifications for admission.

Yes. These passes are required for admission to the University of Malta, even though you might have obtained the Matriculation Certificate.

The first call for applications will open following the publication of the MATSEC examination results and will close some time later. 

A second call for applications will open following the publication of the results of the second MATSEC session.

Applications will be available online from the GCHSS website.

All students who apply and meet the necessary requirements for their chosen course will be accepted

All students who meet the necessary entry requirements will be accepted.

ALL students who meet the entry requirements will be accepted.  Once applications are processed, the school will begin to work on your timetable. 

You will receive your  timetable through email as soon as all applications are processed and the timetabling process ends.  The timetable will eventually also be available on MySchool.

Applications will be accepted against a non-refundable fee of €15.  Students already enrolled at GCHSS and who wish to continue their studies at the school are exempted from paying the fee.

Yes, the GCHSS guidance and counselling team are available to provide guidance and assistance during the summer.  You may contact the school to make an appointment by telephone on +35621431407 or via email on

GCHSS will start around the end of September/beginning of October 2023.

Any books or materials that are necessary for some subjects are listed as required texts/materials on the prospectus. For other subjects, teachers will inform you at the start of the course.