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Systems of Knowledge

What will I learn in Systems of Knowledge?

Systems of Knowledge empowers you to learn to think beyond the established views and question the grounds for many aspects of life that are often taken for granted and thus not being questioned. Systems of knowledge encourages the development of a body of knowledge which goes beyond the traditional boundaries of specific fields and promotes the importance of the need to relate different fields of knowledge to each other and also to be critical and creative, enabling one to inculcate an awareness and application of values within a civic, cultural and historical framework. 

How will I benefit from studying Systems of Knowledge?

Systems of Knowledge is not a purely academic subject because it includes both the direct exposure to academic content in class and also the practical application of this knowledge within society. The Systems of Knowledge project seeks to bridge the gap between what is learnt in class to your own real-life situations.  

Are there any special considerations?

  • SOK is an obligatory intermediate subject for those taking the Matriculation Course
  • SOK is obligatory for those who intend to further their studies at the University of Malta.  
  • During the first year, the first three modules are taught.
  • During the second year, two weekly lessons cover the fourth module. These are complemented with a revision lesson of the first three modules.

SOK Project

  • The explanation and first project meeting is held during the first year, while the second and final project meeting is held during the second scholastic year.
  • IPAL students who choose to study SOK at first and second year concurrently, must present their project as private candidates.

What textbooks and/or resources do I need?

There are no specific textbooks for Systems of Knowledge. However, the book ‘Systems of Knowledge – An Interdisciplinary Approach’, published by Agenda Bookshop ISBN 978-99957-5-293-4 is recommended.

Notes are given by class teachers which will further guide students to expand on the topics that are central to the four modules.  

You can study Systems of Knowledge at:

Intermediate Level


No previous knowledge is required


2 years


3 lessons per week

Practical / Tutorial Sessions

1 project meeting in First Year
1 project meeting in Second Year