Physical Education

This course is divided into 80% theory and 20% fitness testing. The theoretical part includes modules in techniques, tactics and rules of team games, anatomy and physiology, acquiring movement skills and socio-cultural studies. For fitness testing students are required to perform various tests which are assessed according to the Matsec board criteria.

Special Considerations

Students would benefit if Physical Education is chosen together with Biology and Psychology.

Recommended Textbooks

  • OCR PE for AS by Graham Thompson, Nesta Wiggins-James , Rob James, HODDER EDUCATION; ISBN 978-0-340-95868-1

The teaching programme is supplemented by:

  • Guest coaches in sports as required by the syllabus of Intermediate PE
  • Visits to standard athletics tracks for fitness testing, and visits to various other sport venues related to the games being examined

Further Studies / Career Opportunities

  • University of Malta (e.g. Education, Sport)
  • Careers in sports psychology, sports nutrition, physiotherapy, armed forces of malta, sports science, sports management and coaching

You can study Physical Education at:

Intermediate Level


No previous knowledge is required


2 years


3 lessons per week

Practical / Tutorial Sessions