Graphical Communication

What will I learn in Graphical Communication?

First and foremost, you will learn how to read and interpret information from drawings. These drawings are often presented in a 2-dimensional and 3-dimensionsal manner. It also teaches you the ability to convey messages through sketches, drawings, and presentations. This area of study can be considered as a universal language in the engineering and built environment sectors. A strong focus is given to solid geometry, developments of solids and their use in industry and drawing offices. Enhancement and proper presentation of your work will also play an important role in the classroom and at work. 

How will I benefit from studying Graphical Communication?

Graphical communication will help you in interpreting plans of rooms, buildings, or even smaller items such as furniture, gadgets and the like. It is very effective for students who are considering following an architecture, interior designer, or engineering course. The syllabus will help you acquire skills such as plan drawing, signage and logos, 3-dimensionsal representations and other technical aspects. When it comes to design and engineering, you will engage in problem solving. 

Are there any special considerations?

This subject is also offered at Intermediate Level: Engineering Drawing & Graphical Communication

What textbooks and/or resources do I need?

Required resources include:

  • A2 drawing board
  • Spring compass
  • Set-squares
  • Clutch pencil

You can study Graphical Communication at:

Advanced Level


No previous knowledge is required


2 years


5 lessons per week

Practical / Tutorial Sessions

1 tutorial per week
2 Computer Aided Design tutorials per week